Don't be a hero. Be a legend.

Michael Pitt for Flaunt Magazine (May 2014)
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The years and years and years of torture that I lived through to escape my hometown are getting the best of me. Im stuck in a realm where I sat alone at lunch, got bullied in the halls, and we persecuted when I tried to defend myself. The nights that I spent up late, alone, sobbing because I knew being alone was my fate still echo in my dreams. The world that I once knew is colliding with the world that I know now and I can’t bear it some days. Im sorry that I was never the coolest. I tried to be. The anger has sat inside me for year and years. Its boiling to the top now and I am being understimated. I will never fall. I will never fair. I will never go back and everyone will begin to feel the force that I have become

Liberty Walk - By: (Sean Klingelhoefer)
I don’t care who you are if you mistreat my gf infront of me….I swear…